The following examples are comparisons based on the national average prices for Bathtub & Grout Restoration.
After reading, you will understand why Bath Brite™ and Grout Brite™ Restoring Systems
are the ONLY way to restore your tub and grout Fast, Beautifully and Economically!
Bathtub Removal & Replacement
This process requires the removal of all tile and drywall surrounding the tub. This must be done in order to pull the tub free from it's place. From there, a new tub must be secured into place & plumbing must be re-attached. Then, the drywall must be replaced along with the tile, grout & caulk. Based on the national average, the length of time to completion is 10 to 14 days.

Average Cost: $3000.00+

Acrylic or Fiberglass Tub Liner
A tub liner is a 1/4" thick plastic or fiberglass shell that is secured into your old tub with 2 way foam tape & caulk. Being that tub liners are very thin, they have a tendency to crack at the waste drain, allowing water to get between the old tub and the liner. The trapped, stagnated water causes mildew and rot to occur. Thus,causing a health hazzard, unpleasant odors and the liner to be permanently damaged. This type of damage occurs when a liner is not properly installed, secured and caulked. Eventually, liners become stained and lose their gloss finish, just like a reglazed tub.

Average Cost To Place A Tub Liner: $800.00 to $1200.00

Average Cost To Remove Damaged Or Worn Tub Liner & Place A New Liner: $1500.00

Repaint / Refinish / Reglaze Bathub
If your tub has already been reglazed once, you will be required to strip the prior reglazed surface. The fee for a contractor to perform this task alone is roughly $100.00 to $150.00. These products give off hazardous fumes, so you must ventilate the work area very well. Then, a new finish must be applied. Due to the fact that these systems are merely paint coatings, they only lay on the surface, creating a weak bond at best. The coating must then be allowed to air cure for 24 to 72 hours before the bathtub can be used. The finish is not permanent and can eventually fail, chip, fade & peel.

Average Cost To Reglaze The Original Tubs Surface: $250.00 to $300.00

Average Cost To Strip Prior Reglaze & Refinsh Again: $450.00

The BATH BRITE™ Restoring System
This system requires you to prepare the tub surface with a specially formulated (supplied) cleaner. It DOES NOT emit hazardous fumes, but rather, it is pleasantly scented. It is NOT A PAINT on system! The Bath Bright™ system actually penetrates into the old worn surface, to microscopically rebuild it to a like new surface & shine! With the kit, you'll receive enough product to restore 1 tubs. They will become just like NEW so you will be able to maintain them for many years to come. The Bath Brite™ kit comes complete with Cleaner, Sealer & Gloss Enhancer. The average time to completion is 1 to 2 hours. Average time before you can use your tub, "0 Minutes"! There is NO DOWN TIME once the process has been completed! You can use your tub right away! The Bath Brite™ System comes at a LOW LOW price of $34.95!

Price Per Tub: $34.95 plus S/H

Professional Removal & Replacement of Old Grout
Based on the national average, the cost for removal and replacement of old grout is approximately $8.00 per square foot. This price does not include sealing the newly installed grout. If new grout is not sealed, it will stain and become un-uniformed in appearance within weeks of use after installation.

Average Cost: $950.00

Professional Cleaning, Staining & Sealing of Grout Lines
Based on the national average, the cost of professionally cleaning, staining & sealing grout lines is approximately $3.00 per square foot.

Average Cost: $400.00

The GROUT BRITE™ Restoring System
The Grout Brite™ System is a professional grade cleaner & penetrating stain/sealer. It comes with a specially designed, technically advanced pen applicator making it easy to apply with minimal clean up.

Cost: $24.95 Plus S/H

Based on the national average, the Grout Brite™ Restoring System is, by far, the better value! The Grout Brite™ System does not have the down time, hazardous fumes,
mess or COST that other restoring options do. The average consumer can easily perform the Grout Brite™ System's tasks with minimal effort!

Since our stain/sealer actually penetrates into the old grouts surface, it binds itself and becomes part of the grout. Therefore, the consumer will never have to worry about Grout Brite™ peeling. Unlike other store bought grout sealers and stains, which are merely "top coats" that simply lay on the grouts surface, creating a weak bond at best.